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A Language All Slavic Peoples Understand

No prior studying necessary – native speakers naturally comprehend 70-90% of Interslavic content.⁽*⁾

How come?

In business and tourism

Studying Interslavic quickly improves face-to-face communication's efficiency between people speaking different Slavic languages. Considering the diversity of the living Slavic languages, a single text or a speech delivered in Interslavic takes up less time and space, both to consume and produce.

Neutral language

Interslavic language is not affiliated with any specific culture, language, nation, or government. No native speaker has an unfair advantage. Thereby Interslavic is backed up by the international community, free from political and ethnic issues.

Common Slavic heritage

From the early XVII century through to the present day, on the territory of modern Slavic countries, we can trace never-ceasing attempts to create a language in-between. Sharing cultural and scientific knowledge and resuming the conversation between Slavic peoples only is gaining importance nowadays in the digital age.

Resources to master and use Interslavic

A lot of activity is happening in social networks - there you can ask questions and get answers, and also have a live language practice. Moreover, we constantly work on software products to keep improving your experience with Interslavic language: interactive dictionary app, spell-checker, keyboard layouts, etc.

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