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Interslavic is a natural and very broadly understandable language for Slavs. It is entirely based on forms common to the Slavic languages, and when no common forms exist, on majority solutions. It has grammatical gender, six cases plus an optional vocative, verbal aspect and full conjugation – things that virtually every Slav is familiar with. In addition, it also contains some material that is absent in most Slavic languages, but knowledge of which can be of great help in understanding the languages that use it.

Compared to the natural Slavic languages, this grammar model is still fairly simple and regular. Exceptions are rare and most irregularity is eliminated with means provided by the Slavic languages themselves, without introducing any artificiality.

This grammar model is primarily intended for communication between Slavs of different nationalities, but can of course also be used by non-Slavs who want to be able to communicate on a more serious level. It is suitable for contacts and publications, but also as a means to gain insight into the nature of Slavic.

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This article has been republished with the permission of its original author, Jan van Steenbergen.